DRISCOPLEX® Piping Products for Municipal Applications

Performance Pipe offers pipe for municipal applications that are manufactured to both ASTM and AWWA standards simultaneously. Table 2 lists the Water and Wastewater product, the applicable standards and the pipe material designation code.

DriscoPlex® 4000/4100 pipes larger than 3” diameter meet or exceed the requirements of both ASTM F714 and AWWA C906. ASTM F714 designates a “Pressure Rating (PR)” whereas AWWA C906 designates a “Pressure Class (PC).” Currently these are not calculated the same way and therefore are not equal. ASTM F714 recognizes PE4710 material, whereas AWWA C906 is being updated but currently treats PE4710 material as having the same PC as the former PE3408 material.

Performance Pipe manufactures pipe and fittings of high performance PE4710, which are listed in PPI TR-4 with a Hydrostatic Design Stress of 1000 psi at 73°F. Where specifications and standards permit, PE4710 materials can be operated at higher pressures than PE3408 materials because of it's higher Hydrostatic Design Stress rating. PE4710 materials meet or exceed all of the requirements of the former PE3408 resin.

For a more detailed explanation of PE4710 materials and how they are improved over PE3408 and PE3608 pipe materials, see PP 816-TN PE3608 and the Materials Designation Codes and Pipe Pressure Ratings for PE4710.

The ASTM D3350 Standard Specification for Polyethylene Plastics Pipe and Fittings Materials identifies polyethylene materials for pipe and fittings according to a cell classification system. Performance Pipe’s water and wastewater piping products meet a cell classification of PE445574. Specific material properties are available on the DriscoPlex® 4000 (DIPS) / 4100 (IPS) Technical Data Sheet.

The pressure rating of PE pipe varies with the pipe’s dimension ratio (DR). The DR is equal to the average pipe outside diameter (OD), divided by the minimum wall thickness. The Plastics Pipe Institute’s Handbook of Polyethylene Pipe gives the method for calculating the pressure rating. The pressure ratings for DriscoPlex® 4000 / 4100 pipe allowed by ASTM F714 are listed in Table 3.

Water and force main sewer lines have frequent and recurring surges. The designer will consider both the pipe’s working or pumping pressure and the total pressure (pumping pressure plus surge pressure) when determining an application’s DR. Ratings for both are given in Table 3 for easy comparison with design flow conditions.

The temperature range for polyethylene pipe is -40°F to 140°F for pressure pipe and -40°F to 180°F for non-pressurized pipe, e.g. gravity flow. When DriscoPlex® pipe operates at a temperature above 80°F the pressure rating (PR) and pressure class (PC) of the pipe are decreased. The PR/PC for temperatures above 80°F may be determined by multiplying the PC in Table 3 by the temperature factor from Table 4.

Tables 5 and 6 give dimensions and weights for commonly used DR’s in the water and wastewater industry. For other available DR’s, see the PP152 and PP153 size and dimension sheets. All pipes of a given nominal size are made to the same OD regardless of DR. Therefore, the average inside diameter (ID) varies with the pipe wall thickness. DriscoPlex® 4000 / 4100 pipe is available in 40 or 50 foot lengths and is also available in coils through 6” DIPS. Packaging and loading information is available on our website.