Performance Pipe
a division of Chevron Phillips Chemical Company LP
5085 W. Park Boulevard, Suite 500
Plano, TX 75093

Toll Free: 800-233-6495
General Support: 972-599-7306
Technical Support: 972-599-6632
Carrier/transportation requests or questions: 972-599-6621

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​ Region

​Cust Acct Coordinator


​Territory E-mail

​Green ​West Heidi Schnepp 800-901-7473
​Pink ​Northwest ​Bonnie Thompson ​866-348-1500
​Lt. Blue ​Central ​Vickie Bryant ​877-715-3890
​Purple ​South Central Eric Cassidy ​888-747-3900
Purple​ ​South Central ​Debbie Haven ​866-299-1212
​Yellow ​North Central ​Todd Dustin ​800-401-7473
​Gray ​Northeast ​Sandra Corona-Mingas ​866-542-4100
​Red ​Mid South ​Becky Voskul ​866-264-9280
Orange​ ​East Central Tracy Price ​888-449-7707
​Blue ​Southeast ​Landon Winn ​800-410-7473
International​ ​Includes Canada and Mexico ​Pat Linscombe ​866-226-8040
​National Account Representative ​Irma Barrera ​866-221-5440
​National Account Representative ​Shannon Alsobrook ​877-502-3555
​General Inquires ​800-233-6495

Sales Managers 
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