Oil & Gas Gathering

PlatinumStripe® 1800 Series PE-RT Pipe   High-temperature, high density HDPE pipe is used for high-temperature industrial, mining, oil and gas gathering applications.

DriscoPlex® 6300 Series PE Piping   PE4710 HDPE pipes are the piping materials of choice for service in oil, oilfield water, brine water service, multiphase solutions and many other energy applications including non-federally regulated gas gathering, coal-bed methane, shale methane and landfill methane recovery applications.

DriscoPlex® 6400 Series PE Piping   PE4710 HDPE pipes are well qualified to meet needs of the energy market including use for regulated gas gathering applications that are jurisdictional to 49 CFR 192 such as some midstream gas applications, etc.  

DriscoPlex® 9200 Series PE Piping  Liner Pipe is used in pressure applications as an HDPE liner for existing pipelines.


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