Lake Oswego Project Using Performance Pipe Products Featured in U.S. Mayors Newspaper


Performance Pipe's DriscoPlex® 4100 pipe products are featured in the July edition of the U.S. Mayor’s Newspaper.  As the official publication of the U.S. Council of Mayors, the newspaper focuses on the needs of U.S. cities.  With deteriorating infrastructure and reduced revenues, America’s cities need innovative solutions to the real challenges that they face.  Performance Pipe’s unique pipe application for the City of Lake Oswego, Oregon replaced an aging and corroded gravity flow sewer line that had insufficient capacity to maintain sewer service for residents and resulted in wastewater overflows.

Performance Pipe piping products not only allowed the city to upgrade the sewer line capacity but Performance Pipe’s HDPE pipe also provided a cost-effective, sustainable and earthquake-resistant solution. This one-of-a-kind, submerged on-grade pipeline will be the subject of one of the featured papers at Plastic Pipes XV in  Vancouver presented by Brown and Caldwell Engineers. (

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