Performance Pipe Debuts New Innovations in High Temperature Polyethylene Pipe and Fittings

Performance Pipe, a division of Chevron Phillips Chemical Company LP, has  launched a new product innovation in polyethylene (PE) pipe and fittings, designed to extend PE pipe capabilities in high temperature applications.

Performance Pipe’s new PlatinumStripe™ 1800 series PE-RT pipe and fittings help customers achieve differentiated performance in a range of demanding, high temperature, industrial and energy applications, including mining, pulp and paper mills, oil and gas gathering, produced water, chemical processes and power plants. Contrary to conventional high density polyethylene (HDPE) pipe where resistance is limited to 140°F (60°C) in pressure applications, Performance Pipe’s PlatinumStripe™ 1800 series PE-RT pipe and fittings can withstand temperatures up to 180°F (82°C) for pressure applications. In some applications, the piping system can withstand intermittent temperatures up to 203°F (95°C).

“We’re excited to be able to deliver new opportunities via this breakthrough technology to these industries and our customers,” said Wes Long, Technical Projects Director of Performance Pipe. “The high temperature properties in the PE-RT pipe translate to bigger cost savings to customers. PlatinumStripe™ 1800 series PE-RT pipe and fittings are more economical and can be installed much faster than traditional pipes, and with the same fusion parameters of standard PE4710 materials.”
“Performance Pipe’s PlatinumStripe™ 1800 Series PE-RT pipe changes the game,” said Long. It is produced from the first PE-RT resin to achieve an 800 psi HDB at 180˚F (82°C) and will be listed as such in Plastics Pipes Institute (PPI) TR-4. It also has high oxidative stability as well as the high melt strength required to produce large diameter pipe needed in industrial applications.
On December 8, 2016, Performance Pipe hosted a webinar detailing the advantages of PE-RT pipe and fittings. To learn more about Performance Pipe’s PlatinumStripe™ 1800 series PE-RT pipe and fittings, listen to the archived webinar, or click here to read a case study.