Performance Pipe Plant Awarded Membership Renewal into South Carolina Environmental Excellence Program

Performance Pipe’s Startex facility in Welford, South Carolina is pleased to announce that it received membership renewal into the South Carolina Environmental Excellence Program (SCEEP), a voluntary program for companies committed to continuous environmental improvement in order to protect and preserve South Carolina's environment. Membership is subject to renewal every three years, and membership decisions are made by the SCEEP Advisory Committee, which is comprised of industry, environmental, governmental, academic and public interest representatives.
“As a leading corporate citizen, we strive to conduct business in a safe, injury free and environmentally responsible manner every day,” said Robert Sweeney, plant manager of Performance Pipe’s Startex site. “We are proud of our membership in SCEEP as we work for continuous environmental improvement.” Performance Pipe’s Startex plant employees over 50 people and produces high density polyethylene pipe for gas distribution, water, wastewater, municipal, mining and geothermal applications.