Industrial Product Literature


Industrial and Mining Product Brochure (PP526)
DriscoPlex® piping products are geared for industrial applications including industrial process piping, dredging, slurry and flyash lines, temporary bypass pumping, outfalls and diffusers, chemical mineral extraction, and chemical and corrosive wastes.
PlatinumStripe® 1800 PE-RT Series Pipe (PP533)
PlatinumStripe® 1800 PE-RT Series Pipe with pressure ratings up to 180°F (82°C) is use for high temperature industrial, mining, oil and gas gathering applications.
DriscoPlex® 4800 Series PE Pipe (PP537)
DriscoPlex® 4800 Series Industrial pipe is manufactured from high quality medium-density polyethylene (MDPE) and used for long-term service above and below ground for industrial, irrigation and mining applications.
DriscoPlex® 1000 Series PE Piping (PP529)
High density polyethylene (HDPE) PE4710 / PE100 industrial pipe are produced in compliance with ASTM F714 and ASTM D3035. Solid black pipe used in a variety of industrial applications.
DriscoPlex® 1700 Series Mining Stripe HDPE Pipe (PP523)
HDPE PE4710 pipe used primarily for mining applications such as gold, copper, sand, silver, coal and phosphate. Pipe is solid black with available dual stripe marking for color DR Identification.
DriscoPlex® 4000/4100 Series PE Pipe (PP524)
DriscoPlex® 4000/4100 Series multi-purpose pipe is used for industrial, municipal and water distribution applications.
DriscoPlex® 4000-4100 Factory Mutual (FM) Pipe (PP525)
DriscoPlex® 4000-4100 FM pipe is used for underground fire water protection systems for industrial and municipal applications.
Plexco® 2600 Instube®5 Pneumatic Flame Retardant Tubing (PP700)
Performance Pipe's Plexco® 2600 Instube®5 Pneumatic Tubing Flame Retardant Polyethylene Tubing is a superior quality, flame exclusively compounded polyethylene tubing product for use in pneumatic instrument control applications.
Driscoplex® 3100 PE Piping for Conduit and Casing Pipe (PP603)
Driscoplex® 3100 series conduit and casing pipe is used for electrical, communication, power and fiber optic systems.