PLEXCO® 2600 Instube®2 Pneumatic Tubing

PLEXCO® 2600 Instube®2 Pneumatic Tubing is a high quality, flame retardant pneumatic control tubing with superior stress crack resistance for reliable, long-term performance. PLEXCO® 2600 Instube®2 Pneumatic Tubing is lightweight and flexible for easy handling and installation.

PLEXCO® 2600 Instube®2 Pneumatic Tubing is marked with a white ink numbering system over the full length of the tubing. Cut the lead end at any given number (from 1 to 30) for easy identification of individual pneumatic circuit tubes. Color-coding is available in seven stripe colors. Up to 210 different pneumatic control circuits can be individually identified without repeating a stripe color-number combination.  

PLEXCO® 2600 Instube®2 Pneumatic Tubing Product Sizes, Color Coding for PLEXCO® 2600 Instube®

Stress Crack Resistance Resistance 
The possibility of tubing failure occurring behind skyscraper walls 10 or 15 years in the future is of great concern. Since stress crack resistance is one of the most important physical properties of polyethylene instrumentations tubing, Performance Pipe has devised its own test to determine its true value. ESCR test is patterned after the ASTM D1693 test for “Environmental Stress Cracking of Ethylene plastics” but is a much tougher and more stringent test than ASTM D1693. Our 48-hour, 70°C accelerated aging test produces crystal developments within the polymer that would otherwise take years to develop. Tubing samples are then bent into a "V" shape and aged in a chemical stress cracking solution at 50°C for 200 hours. Stress cracking tests are conducted on every production lot of tubing. PLEXCO® 2600 Instube®2 Pneumatic Tubing is recertified annually for conformance with ESCR requirements.

Flame Retardant
"Flame retardant" or "self-extinguishing" means that the tubing material has the ability to retard burning and extinguish the flame once the flame source is removed. Industry tests are used to evaluate the burning characteristics of pneumatic tubing materials. ASTM D 635 Standard Test Method for Rate of Burning and/or Extent/Time of Burning of Plastics in a Horizontal Position test materials for horizontal burn rate. PLEXCO® 2600 Instube®2 Pneumatic Tubing meets or exceeds the requirements of ASTM D 635. PLEXCO® 2600 Instube®2 Pneumatic Tubing is classified by Underwriters Laboratories. Under UL94 tests conducted by UL to analyze vertical burn characteristics of polymeric materials, PLEXCO® 2600 Instube®2 Pneumatic Tubing has a vertical burn rating of 94V-2.

Plenum Rated Pneumatic Tubing
Property Test Method Value Maximum peak optical density UL 1820 < 0.5 Average optical density UL 1820 < 0.15 Maximum flame spread distance UL 1820 < 5 feet (< 1.5m) NFPA 90A Standard for the Installation of Air-Conditioning and Ventilating Systems, permits pneumatic tubing for control systems in ceiling cavity plenums (§2-3.10.1) and raised floor plenums (§2-3.10.5) when it is "listed as having a maximum peak optical density of 0.5 or less, an average optical density of 0.15 or less, and a maximum flame spread distance of 5 feet (1.5 m) or less when tested in accordance with the specified test method." The specified test method is UL1820 Standard for Safety Fire Test of Pneumatic Tubing for Flame and Smoke Characteristics. When pneumatic tubing is listed in accordance with NFPA 90A requirements, it is a "plenum rated" material.


 Property Test Method Value
Maximum Peak Optical Density UL 1820 <0.5
Average Optical Density UL 1820 <0.15
Maximum Flame Spread Distance UL 1820 <5 ft (<1.5 m)


PLEXCO® 2600 Instube®2 Pneumatic Tubing and PLEXCO® 2600 Plexstripe® are listed as "UL Classified" by Underwriters Laboratories, UL, under UL 1820 as follows: PLEXCO® 2600 Instube®2 Pneumatic Tubing meet the requirements of the Uniform Building Code, Uniform Mechanical Code, Southern Building Code and B.O.C.A.

Material and Tubing Specifications

Material Safety Data Sheet

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