Gas Distribution
Product Literature

Note: On January 1, 2018, CPChem is adjusting the HDB listed in PPI TR-4 at 140°F (60°C) to 800 psi for Marlex® TR-418Q MDPE, the primary resin used in Performance Pipe’s 6500 Series MDPE pipe. Performance Pipe will be adjusting its literature as necessary in January 2018.  Feel free to contact Performance Pipe Technical Support at 972-599-6632 with any questions.
Gas Distribution Products Brochure (PP310)
Performance Pipe's gas piping products are the material of choice for premium medium and high density natural gas distribution, LPG, propane gas, and yard gas piping systems.
Gas Pipe and Fittings are now CSA and UPC Listed (PP316)
How do I know if I need this Listing?
How to Read a Printline for Gas Products
Do you know what the printline codes mean?
ASTM D2513 - Certification
Third party certification of gas pipe and fittings manufacturing processes.
Electrofusion Fittings
Performance Pipe now offers a full line of Electrofusion Fittings made by Plasson which are ready for use in the gas industry.