Gas Distribution Packaging

The documents available below provide information regarding the shipping and packaging practices utilized by Performance Pipe for DriscoPlex® gas pipe systems. While most gas pipe shipments are scheduled by Performance Pipe, there are also documents that outline how customer arranged shipments are handled. Additional documents provide important safety information regarding the receiving and unloading of pipe once it arrives at the customer's yard or project jobsite.

Coiled pipe is packaged in stacks, often referred to as "silos". Straight lengths of pipe, or joints, are packaged in bundles. Large diameter 4" and 6" coils may be packaged upright as shown in the photograph to the left. In some cases, due to height restrictions during transit, a step deck truck may be required to transport large diameter coils. Specific information regarding any special truck requirements is shown in the packaging information below.

The Packaging Manual details the number of coils or joints per package quantity. Performance Pipe encourages customers to purchase product in full package quantities.