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Note: On January 1, 2018, CPChem is adjusting the HDB listed in PPI TR-4 at 140°F (60°C) to 800 psi for Marlex® TR-418Q MDPE, the primary resin used in Performance Pipe’s 6500 Series MDPE pipe. Performance Pipe will be adjusting its literature as necessary in January 2018.  Feel free to contact Performance Pipe Technical Support at 972-599-6632 with any questions.


Because performance matters, polyethylene is the choice material for natural gas, propane, LPG and yard gas installations. Performance Pipe has more than 50 years of polyethylene pipe manufacturing experience. To serve your needs, we have seven ISO 9000 certified manufacturing plants strategically located throughout the United States.  Performance Pipe has three different product lines from which to choose depending on your particular project requirements.

DriscoPlex® 6500   A medium density polyethylene  (MDPE) PE2708 (PE2406) solution which is solid yellow in color and an excellent choice for natural gas distribution systems, after meter applications, LPG/Propane systems, or systems operating at pressures less than 80 psi. 

Driscopipe® 8100   This high density polyethylene (HDPE) PE4710/PE100 (PE3408) solution is black with a solid yellow exterior shell.  HDPE gas pipe is the preferred option for those applications where pressures up to 125 psi may be encountered, or where higher operating temperatures may be experienced. The yellow shell provides a unique color differentiation of the fusion bead as well as a visual indication of OD scratches or gouges, while keeping the OD surface cooler during exposure to direct sunlight. 

Yellowstripe® 8300   A high density polyethylene (HDPE) PE4710/PE100 (PE3408) product that is black with four equally placed circumferential stripes.  For applications where pressures up to 125 psi may be encountered, or where higher operating temperatures may be experienced, Yellowstripe® 8300 Series is a great choice.


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