What is the bending radius of HDPE pipe?


  1. PE pipes can be safely bent to a radius about 1/10th that of the same size PVC pipe. See Performance Pipe Technical Note PP819, “Field Bending of DriscoPlex® Pipe”.
  2. HDPE pipe can be cold bent to the dimensions shown below for a long term application based on the pipe DR. (The pipes may be bent to a tighter radius during installation see Technical Note PP819)

 Pipe DR

Minimum Long Term Cold
Bending Radius

 9 or less  20 times pipe OD
 11 and 13.5  25 times pipe OD
 15.5, 17, and 21  27 times pie OD
 26  34 times pipe OD
 32.5  42 times pipe OD
 41  52 times pipe OD
 Fitting or flange present in bend  100 times pipe OD