HDPE Pipe Case Studies

History in the Making: Missouri Gas Energy Uses 20-inch Pipe for Gas Distribution
With a proven record of success using several thousand miles of underground plastic pipe, Missouri Gas Energy knew that high density polyethylene (HDPE) pipe was the best choice for the project.
City of Palo Alto Uses HDPE Pipe for Water Distribution System Upgrades
Each year the City of Palo Alto replaces an average of three miles of their water system. Performance Pipe manufactured the necessary 8-, 10- and 12-inch high density pipe for the pipeline project.
Lake Oswego First to Use HDPE for Submerged Gravity Flow Pipeline
More than 40 years ago, Lake Oswego, Oregon constructed a Lake Interceptor Sanitary Sewer System from concrete and cast iron pipe. Nearly half a century later the system needed to be upgraded. Performance Pipe HDPE pipe was selected for the project.
City of Tallahassee First to Use HDPE Pipe to Replace HOBAS Pipe Using Pipe Bursting Construction Method
August 2008, Tropical Storm Fay hit Tallahassee causing widespread flooding and 14" of rain to spill into sewage pump station basins. Pipe bursting trenchless repair was the logical choice for Tallahassee.
Wastewater Replacement Project Uses HDPE Pipe to Protect Natural Resources
Fairfield, ID uncovered that old wastewater pipe was leaking raw sewage in its lakes and streams. They decided to replace the old concrete pipe with HDPE pipe for both financial and environmental benefits.
City of Austin Replaces Cast Iron with HDPE in Water Transmission Mainline
City of Austin replaces 7,400 linear feet of 6" cast iron pipe with 10" HDPE pipe. Pipe-bursting trenchless technology was selected saving the city approx. 40% of construction cost and completing the project 2 months ahead of schedule.
HDPE Pipe Used to Expand Water System in San Antonio
Performance Pipe HDPE pipe was used to expand water system in San Antonio by fusing together 45 ft sections of pipe into one longer pipe of 1,000 ft.